Hello everyone!
Welcome to the tv pilot I created, produced, wrote and hosted.
I felt there was a need for a travel show for active baby boomers and here it is!

I am a professional archaeologist, so I thought it would be fun to combine archaeology, food and activities in one show. The idea is that even though you are over a "certain age", that shouldn't stop you from being active and seeking out new adventures. Hence the title, "Time Of Your Life".

I would appreciate it if you could watch this with an objective eye and ear and leave a comment for me on You Tube. I put it up at this site, because it didn't look good on YT. But as we all know...You Tube is the hottest media tool there is. Here is the link to leave me a comment, please do!

Tell Us What You Think! Click Here To Go To YouTube!

And if you feel you want to email me privately, here is my email mercyless68@gmail.com Enjoy!!

And a very special thanks to Ann Phelan of Caribbean Wind and Sun Vacations at www.BonaireCaribbean.com for making so much of this possible!